Famous Cocktails from New Orleans, Flickr: infrogmationThe Louisiana city of New Orleans has influenced many a cocktail recipe, and created legends that are as memorable as the movie Hangover (Parts One and Two). Here are some of the most famous cocktails attributable to the city, including its most well known alcoholic creation, The Hurricane. The city also claims that it birthed the cocktail but there is another saloon in New York, Professor Thom’s that was created by the father of the cocktail, Professor Jerry Thomas. While we may never really know if New Orleans actually birthed the “cocktail” in the sense as we know it, here are some names that you are likely to remember (and taste) for a long while.

Sazerac: Although the name might not sound that appealing, the Sazerac is a drink whose ingredients and method of preparation has remained steadfast since the 1870s. You start with a highly concentrated base of Sazerac de Forge et Fils Cognac, or you can use rye. Add a dash of bitters and absinthe and there you have it. As you can imagine, this drink is not for the faint of heart. In 2008, this drink was named the Official Cocktail of New Orleans and supposedly is the “first cocktail.”

Ramos Fizz: As a gin-based cocktail, the Ramos Fizz deserves as much recognition if not more as the more traditional Gin & Tonic and Martini. As you can imagine with such a name, the drink came to New Orleans because of Henry C. Ramos at Meyer’s Restaurant. Sometimes referred to as the “New Orleans Fizz” this recipe calls for gin, lime and lemon juices, simple syrup, milk, an egg white, orange flower water and club soda.

The Hurricane:
This drink has received a huge surge in popularity especially in recent years, thanks to tourists and really, a darn good recipe. What makes the hurricane popular is the fruitiness of it –compare it to Aruba’s Arubariba or Jamaica’s Sour Sop in its appeal. It combines light and dark rum, passion fruit juice, lime, simple syrup, grenadine. When in doubt, always offer a fruity cocktail to guests!

Creole Bloody Mary:
An authentic New Orleans cocktail because it truly has that Cajun spicy kick, this is served during brunches –naturally. It’s made with vodka, chilled tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco hot sauce and pepper and celery salt. What makes this “Creole” is the level of hot sauce and spice the bartenders add to this popular staple.

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