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While the Hawaiian Islands offer year-round paradise for visiting families, different times of year do offer seasonal perks.  The weather in Hawaii is mostly constant, with only 10 degree differences in the summer and winter highs (which often huddles right around a steady 80 degrees!).  Expect some rain at any time during your visit to Hawaii, more if you are visiting during the rainy season from November-March.   Although the islands get plenty of water, most visits, no matter what time of year you arrive, receive plenty of days of sunshine.  If you aren't happy with the visitation of rain during your trip, you can simply head to a different part of the island.  Precipitation varies from one area of the island to another, from mountain peaks boasting the most water received on earth, to some of the driest climates, all located on one island.
Considered the "off season" in Hawaii, mid April- June offer some of the best weather you'll find on the islands.  Lower airline and hotel costs, less crowds, and great tour packages are offered during the spring if you can get away.  April begins Hawaii's dry season, so abundant sunshine is yours for the taking.

Holidays/dates to avoid: Golden Week (Japan)- last week of April; Prince Kuhio Day (Hawaii)- March 26;
Because the kids are out of school, families begin flocking to the islands driving hotel and airfare prices skyward.  Package deals are still a significant savings in the summer though, so don't rule it out completely, but expect large crowds, price increases, and busy restaurants and hotels.  Although hurricanes are very rare on the islands, the official season runs from June-November.

Holidays/dates to avoid: King Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)- June 11; Admissions Day (Hawaii)- end of August.

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Another shoulder season in Hawaii takes place in the fall.  The rainy season begins in November, so keep this in mind if your ultimate goal is sitting on a sunsoaked beach reading your favorite novel.  If you are interested in whale watching, the Humpback Whales start arriving in November,  staying all the way through the winter months.

Holidays/dates to avoid: Ironman Triathlon (Big Island)- October

Hawaii's other high season comes surprisingly in the beginning of winter.  It must be the dreary cold of winter that drives visitors to Hawaii's beautiful climate, so expect prices to be peak, rooms to be filled, and package deals to be at a minimum.  After January, prices drop through spring offering the perfect chance to spot the Humpback Whales before they return to Alaska in May.

Holidays/dates to avoid: Christmas and New Years- if you can avoid it; Pearl Harbor Day- December 7.

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Photo credit: Ricymar Photography

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