Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations for the entire world.  With hordes of tourists flocking into the city year-round, you might wonder when the best time to go actually is.
As far as crowds go, it is always busy.  Although traffic does ebb and flow with each season, there really isn’t a low season as far as crowds are concerned.  Embrace the crowds, they are a part of the Orlando package.  In general, Orlando theme parks are most busy exactly when your kids are out of school (of course): summers, spring break, and winter holidays.  If you can finagle your kids out of school at a different time of the year, you’ll be in slightly less company while touring Orlando but don’t expect a ghost town.
Sunny Florida is actually known for its frequent downpours.  Orlando actually gets an average of ten inches more rain than Seattle each year!  Be sure to pack an umbrella or ponchos.  The storms in Orlando are quick and to the point, so simply head indoors for a while and the majority of the inundation will be over.  Don’t choose your vacation month by weather alone.  April, the month known for the least amount of rain, also happens regularly snuggle up to Easter, providing a double-whammy for major crowds.  Temperatures in the summer are hot (mid 90s and a ton of humidity) and quite temperate in the winter months.  Dress in layers as nighttime lows in January and February can dip as low as the high 40s.
Rates for hotels are actually steady for the most part.  Although you will find some price relief for visiting off season, the rates never dip too low. Be on the lookout for price increases when conventions come to town, this shift can actually raise the cost of your vacation significantly more than high and low seasons.
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