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The Space Shuttle Endeavour at The California Science Center!


I would much rather take a stroll through a museum than a hike in the woods.  I love being inspired by art, history, and science- I just simply love learning.  In an attempt to push this knowledge love on my own three kids, I routinely seek out new museums that are perfect for kids.  Here’s the best of kid-friendly museums in LA.
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California Science Center
This sprawling science center isn’t just full of amazing exhibits, an aquarium, and the space shuttle Endeavor, it is also surprisingly free to visit.  Explore rotating exhibits, take in an educational or thrilling show at the IMAX theater (additional fee), and teach your kids the science behind cars, film, light, animals, space travel, and more.  Interactive play areas for the littlest visitors give every guest the chance to enjoy this beautiful museum in Exposition Park.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
While in Exposition Park, hop over to the Natural History Museum to explore the “mysteries of life on earth” including dinosaurs, bees, human history, and even their brand new interactive butterfly pavilion.
Kidspace Children’s Museum
Located in Pasadena, this kid’s museum offers tiny tykes a plethora of interactive fun.  From sprawling play structures, to a beautiful outdoor garden and themed walking/biking/triking areas, your kids will get their energy out while having a ton of fun.
The Getty
Although not technically a kid’s museum, this art museum is the perfect kid-friendly place to introduce your young ones to art.  Kid-friendly activities are offered year round but if kids get antsy in the indoor galleries, head outdoors to the labyrinth garden to get their energy out in a beautiful setting.
Zimmer Children’s Museum
The Zimmer is specifically designed for kids under the age of eight, so if your little ones are a bit too tiny to be admiring fine art, or even learning the physics behind planetary alignment, take them to the Zimmer.  This cute little museum is enveloped in theme, from the walk in airplane, to a busy street full of markets, a school bus stop, a fire station, and a family home, kids can don apparel and role play various activities in this immersive environment.

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photo: davidcjones

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