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Family Travel: Take a Walking Tour of Toronto. Photo credit: Katie Bodell
Upon initially arriving in Toronto, it seemed like an analogous duplicate of a few other great world cities including New York and Chicago. I spent a whole five days exploring the city's downtown, checking out buildings, walking the streets, visiting tourist attractions, and while I was enjoying my time there, I hadn't fallen in love until I met Bruce Bell. Let me clarify that my love was not for Bruce Bell himself (my husband might object), but for the city of Toronto that was so beautifully brought to life by Bruce Bell on a walking tour of Toronto. 
Bruce Bell, named one of Toronto's official historians, boasts an incredible wealth of knowledge about the city of Toronto. From dates and places to facts and trivia, he knows it all. And don't consider him a dusty old professor without social skills, Bruce is an amazing conversationalist, is incredibly funny, and knows how to keep a crowd interested. Said best, "Bruce Bell, the most entertaining historian you've ever met, is an engaging storyteller who knows more about the history of Toronto than possibly anyone."  Jim Byers -Travel Editor -Toronto Star.
Bruce Bell Tours offers a variety of walking tours to compliment your visit to Toronto. From tours of Old Town and St. Lawrence Market (voted the best public market by National Geographic) to the Worts Distillery tour that covers prohibition to private tours covering a wide variety of Toronto basics, Bruce Bell Tours offers it all. 
It was inspiring to not only hear facts about the city, but to step back in time and stand in the exact places where the Queen of England comes when she visits, where the Beatles rushed out of a busy crowded street, where Ernest Hemmingway began his career, where Frederick Douglas spoke passionately to abolitionists, where the concept for Superman was created, and much more. Instead of just passing through empty buildings, a tour with Bruce Bell made the city come alive.
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Photo credit: Katie Bodell 

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