Family Travel: See Toronto from the CN Tower. Photo credit: Katie Bodell
There's just something about rising above a city's landscape for a bird's eye view.  All across the globe, towers and accessible skyscrapers are main tourist attractions for destinations, and Toronto is no different.  Grab cheap flights to Toronto, and before you dive into the street level, be sure to take the CN Tower to the top.
Built from 1972-1976, the CN (Canadian National) Tower stands at 1,815 feet (553 meters), over three times the height of the Seattle Space Needle for reference!  At the time it was built, it was the world's tallest free standing structure and the tallest tower in the world (it has since then been dethroned by a few entries, including the current reigning Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai topping out at 2,722 feet). 
Getting to the top of the tower is not an option, but access to the LookOut Level (at 1,136 feet) is a fairly simple (yet still daring) task.  General admission to the Tower Experience gets you access to the views and thrills offered atop the CN Tower at the LookOut Tower and the Glass Floor, one level below.  The Glass Floor is just as you would expect, and features a very scary (although sturdy) straight down view to the city one thousand one hundred feet below you.  On this same level, you can head to the outdoor SkyTerrace to feel the breeze.  If you feel like lingering, enjoy a meal at 360, the restaurant located in the tower.  Boasting fine dining cuisine and the world's tallest wine cellar, you won't be disappointed.
The SkyPod (additional fee) sits 33 stories above the LookOut Level at 1,465 feet.  From here, on a clear day, you can see over 100 miles, including views of Niagara Falls and Rochester, New York.  A motion theater ride (currently "Himalamazon") and a 3D Legends of Flight film are also on the premises.
For an exceptionally daring adventure, try the brand new EdgeWalk experience at CN Tower.  The first of its kind in North America, the attraction takes you (harnessed in via a trolley and harness system) on a hands free walk leaning over the 1,168 feet below.  The entire experience including training takes about an hour and half, with 30 minutes designated to pushing your limits (try leaning backwards over the drop below) on the tower's edge.  Age and height restrictions apply.
CN Tower general admission tickets start at $27CAD for adults and $20.40CAD for children.  Premier Experiences are available for an addition fee and allow visitors to bypass lines.  The CN Tower is part of the Toronto CityPASS, saving families up to 43% off Toronto's best attractions.  
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Photo credit: Katie Bodell

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