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Family Travel: SeaWorld San Diego Serves Up Summer Fun, IMG Cred: Katie Bodell

Fun for the Whole Family!

SeaWorld San Diego offers something for every member of the family.  This original SeaWorld location, which picturesquely sits on Mission Bay in San Diego’s harbor, is a one-stop entertainment and education wonderland for families. 

SeaWorld San Diego is most famous for its shows and marine animal interactions.  Guests seeking these encounters will have plenty of opportunities.  Shows run throughout the day featuring killer whales, sea lions, walruses, dolphins, and even household pets.  The current Shamu show “One Ocean” gives guests the opportunity to see their involvement in ecosystems and earth sustainability, all while enjoying the majesty and awe of killer whales!  The sea lion show, no matter what time of year, is always a hilarious spoof on pop culture, and of course a charming look at the skills and cute factor of California Sea Lions.  Some of our family’s favorite exhibits include the Shark Encounter, with its heart-thumping underwater corridor, and the Wild Arctic exhibit, with beluga whales, walruses, and even polar bears!

In addition to animal interactions and shows, SeaWorld San Diego offers world-class thrills with over 10 rides included in park admission.  From a nostalgic ride over the bay on the Bayside Skyride, to a panoramic view of the area on the Skytower, SeaWorld offers it all.  Two water rides frame both sides of the park: Shipwreck Rapids (a tube style river rafting ride that is guaranteed to cool you down!!) and Journey to Atlantis.  Journey to Atlantis combines the thrill of a roller coaster with the plunge (and splash!) of a water flume.  It is our family’s first stop!

Brand new to the park this summer, Manta brings a full-scale thrill rollercoaster to the park’s lineup.  This fast-paced, smooth-riding rollercoaster starts with a bang by accelerating guests to 43mph in just two seconds.   Your heart will stay pumping for almost two minutes during this ride that takes you both high in the sky, and down below towards the sting ray exhibit along a half-mile of track.  Twists and turns, and two launch areas during the ride make this a fantastically fun and thrilling coaster. 

Little ones below the height requirement have no need to worry; SeaWorld boasts three kid-friendly rides and an entire kid-focused land: the Sesame Street Bay of Play.  The Bay of Play gives kids the chance to get some much needed energy out after sitting and watching shows: kids can climb rope ladders, splash on a splash pad, run through tunnels, jump in bounce houses, dance with the Sesame Street cast, all while mom and dad watch from a shaded bench on the sidelines.  Don’t let your older kids fool you; they will love it here too!

Take advantage of the park’s newest interactive features by downloading the in-park iPhone and android app.  The SeaWorld app not only tells you show and wait times, but offers a GPS enabled step-by-step direction guide through the park.  Information about the animals, exhibits, restrooms and restaurants are available in the app. 

Speaking of needing a bite to eat, SeaWorld has numerous restaurant and snack carts throughout the park.  A very special Dine with Shamu option is available and gives diners a close-up view and interaction with the killer whales (advance reservations are required).  Healthy dining options are available at almost every location, and allergen free foods are also available by request. 

Enjoy extended hours this summer as “Summer Nights” heats up.  Additional live shows, nighttime fireworks displays, live entertainment, dance parties, giveaways, and more hours to play and explore are offered daily until August 19, 2012.


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photo: Katie Bodell

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