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The US Mint in Denver

If you or your kids are fascinated by money, or even if your school-aged little one just needs a refresher on learning and counting money, head to the Denver Mint.  

The United States Mint at Denver is one of only two mints in the country that allow visitors (the other is in Philadelphia).  The 90-minute tour is recommended for school-age kids and up; although smaller children are allowed entry, the tour is not very toddler friendly.  Strollers and snacks are not allowed, and the majority of the tour is not hands on.

On the tour, your family of older kids will enjoy learning the history of the minting process and of the local mint.  Kids can learn about the design behind our current and past coins and will see how the coins are actually made.  I visited the mint as a child and still remember the trip to be entertaining, educational, and fun.

At the end of the tour, you can check out the Mint’s gift shop where you can browse or purchase coin sets, commemorative coins, books, games and even some fun souvenirs.  


•    Advance reservations are required.
•    You must arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time or you will not be admitted.
•    All visitors must go through a security screening.  Security screening is similar to TSA’s screening at airports.
•    Backpacks, strollers, food and snacks are not allowed and no storage is available.
•    Diaper bags are only permitted when medically necessary and if needed for the well-being of a child.  Babies are not recommended as this screening process can be challenging.
•    Photography is prohibited inside the building.
•    Parking is only available on the street in public lots and in metered spaces.  Plan ahead and bring coins.

The United States Mint is located at 320 West Colfax Avenue.  Denver, CO.  Reservations are required and can be made in advance at the U.S. Mint’s website.

Add the Denver Mint to your list of things to do the next time you've got a family vacation in Denver coming up!

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photo: mat_the_w

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