Family Travel: Exploring the Art Scene in Laguna Beach. Photo credit: Ethan Prater
More than just a beach town close to LA, Laguna Beach boasts an incredible focus on the arts.  Here's an overview of our favorite spots to check out the arts in Laguna Beach.
Pageant of the Masters
Nearly wrapping its 2013 summer season, Laguna's Pageant of the Masters is a ninety minute stage performance that re-creates "living pictures," amazing duplications of original works of classical and contemporary art using people to fill in for the people sketched, painted, or sculpted in the original work. Set to live music and produced in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater setting, the Pageant of the Masters is a unique and interesting event to take your art loving children to. Occasionally the directors will show the audience the process behind the show; this behind the scenes glance is my favorite part of the show. (You can also get a glimpse of the fun in an early episode of Arrested Development!)
In addition to the show, stroll through the art festival exhibitor's gallery featuring 140 local artists and their work. Enjoy art workshops, daily tours, and student exhibitions. 
Sawdust Festival
Featuring the fine arts and crafts of 200 Laguna Beach artists, the Sawdust festival, which also runs each summer, is a great place to enjoy displays of amazing art. The outdoor festival atmosphere is great for taking young children to. Families have been visiting the Sawdust Festival since 1966.
Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair
In addition to featuring Laguna based artists, the Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair also features diverse artists and work from around the globe. Weekends feature live music, entertainment, and workshops. 
Laguna Art Museum
The Laguna Art Museum is a great year-round spot for appreciating local award winning art. The current exhibition, the Faux Real Group (showing through the end of September), is a great one to take kids to as it exudes humor, a playful spirit, and fun. From food to furniture and knick knacks, exhibit sculptors have created some amazingly fun works of art. 
Laguna Art Walk
First Thursdays of every month, take a stroll through the city's numerous galleries on the Laguna Art Walk. Free to the public, this event is intended to be an educational night promoting artistry.
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Photo credit: Ethan Prater

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