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Let the Kids Boogie Down!

I have danced my entire life.  What began as family dance-offs turned into years of dance lessons, recitals, and performances, coupled later with numerous nights of dance clubs. I love to dance.

Whether or not you are particularly fond of dancing, you have to admit that most kids love to get their groove on.  Throw on some upbeat music in my house, and I’ve got three jamming girls cutting a rug with all their best moves. 

Baby Loves Disco celebrates the love of dance from the youngest on up.  This world-wide phenomenon has graced 21 cities around the globe, and offers families a fantastically hip place to take their little ones to show all they’ve got on the dance floor.  To make it happen, large venues, including regular nighttime dance clubs, are transformed into afternoon dance parties busting out disco songs from the 70s and 80s—no Barney, no Dora, no annoying music that makes you want to crawl out of your skin.   

The transformed clubs feature everything your kiddo could want with a dance club including professional lighting, bubble machines, dress-up frills and noise makers.  You and your little one will love getting your groove on in this amazingly kid-friendly scene, most ideal for little ones aged six-months to seven-years (although friends and family are more than welcome to attend).  Dance lessons, contests, and games help keep older kids on track and having fun.

Baby Loves Disco knows that not all kids will want to boogie down the entire time.  A chill out room that includes tents, books and puzzles is available for those in need of a break.  Healthy snacks are served to families and diaper changing stations are available for the littlest of guests. 

Check the Baby Loves Disco calendar for future dates and ticket information; the fun and cool factor of these play-dates make tickets sell out extremely quick.  With upcoming dates all around the country (including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and NYC), there is sure to be a club heading to your home or favorite family vacation destination.

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photo: stevendepolo

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