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Mt. Hood


Portland, Oregon may be a fun 20-something city, but it is not impossible for families to book flights to Portland and find fun for everyone. There’s no need to leave the kids behind (unless it is intended!) because they will love this simply enjoyable city.

Oregon Zoo: You wouldn’t think a zoo would have such a rich history unless you paid a visit to the Oregon Zoo. Dating back to the mid 1880’s, Richard Knight began this zoo with a personal animal collection. With a love for animals despite disapproval from his wife, he addressed the city to care for his animals. Today it is home to animals of all sorts, from penguins, bugs and eagles to Asian elephants.

Oaks Park: Sometimes, you need a central venue with fun for not only the kids, but even mom and dad. Oaks Park has every sort of ride you can imagine. Older teenagers will love roller coaster thrill rides, while those who are not so adventurous may opt for bumper cars or the Ferris wheel. There is even a historical Dance Pavilion where you can rent the space for special events such as a wedding or family reunion. Nothing brings the family together than a lovely family meal and a ride on the carousel afterwards.

Roller Skating: Located in the same venue of Oaks Park is a Roller Rink for those who love to rock and roll. Not exactly twinkle toes with roller skates? The venue has skating classes for beginners and unique classes for experienced skaters such as a dancing skate class or even a weight loss skate class. Budget Tip: Wednesday evenings is a special $5 rental if you mention their Facebook page.

Slappy Cakes: Face it, we all know kids can be picky eaters and finding the right place to eat can be difficult. Pancakes are a simple but versatile dish that are absolutely kid friendly. Have the kids interact with their food making at Slappy Cakes. They will go right to the griddle which is built into the table. You choose your batter, toppings and syrup and voila! Kids will love making their own meal and picking fun toppings like chocolate chips, bacon and whipped cream. Who knows, maybe they’ll be so motivated they’ll want to cook more at home!

Mt. Hood: If you’ve soaked up everything the city has to offer, why not enjoy a vacation within a vacation? Only 90-minutes from Portland is Mt. Hood, a primetime winter destination for local families.  Their biggest attraction is the Adventure Park at Skibowl with numerous activities like the Alpine Slide, a play zone with lots of activities, pony rides and much more! When the kids are worn out, group the family together for a sky ride at the Lodge to enjoy scenic views, as long as you’re not scared of heights. Mom and Dad can enjoy being ski bunnies, children can enjoy a fun zone and teenagers can shop at the lodge; this place simply is the solution for every family member!


Photo: Jeff Hollett

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