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 View of Paris from Montmartre!


Oh Paris, the City of Love, fine culinary treats and beautiful scenery. These stereotypes are synonymous with Paris for many reasons. But, if you’re traveling as a family, make sure to keep Paris on your radar. Paris is surprisingly a very fun family-friendly city, for all ages from toddlers to teens.
Disneyland: This may be the easiest choice for parents looking to please all family members. Saying you went to Disneyland Paris is a kid’s dream come true. It’s Disney abroad and the French love their slice of American goodness. What kids will love most is the French twist, seen in the architecture and the ambiance of the theme park. You may even learn a few French words or two from Mickey and Minnie!
Catacombs of Paris: Older children will love the Parisian atmosphere, especially if they love fine dining or luxury shopping. But, for the teenager who is bored with these typical Parisian things to do will be fascinated by the Catacombs of Paris. Deep underground is a creepy mass grave site. Approximately, there are remains of six million people buried in renovated parts of caverns and tunnels that were parts of the Paris stone mines. Note: This activity is not recommended for young children.
Musée D’Orsay: Depending on their taste, children either love or hate museums. They will appreciate Musée D’Orsay, a former train station now turned into a museum. They will love the variety of 19th and 20th century art, and older kids might recognize a few pieces by Monet or Van Gogh.  Best of all, mom and dad will be happy that kids under 18 enter free to the museum. Just don’t let them go too crazy at the gift shop!
Cinéaqua: Take two great rainy day ideas and mix them into one and you’ve got the Aquarium de Paris-Cinéaqua. When you can’t enjoy a nice stroll outdoors in Paris, enjoy the key attractions at this unique aquarium-cinema. Everyone will enjoy watching shark tanks, fish tanks and interactive films with special effects. On special days, there are live shows and fun workshops for all ages.
Montmartre: While everyone is fighting for space at the Eiffel Tower, take the family up to Montmartre. Though it is a popular tourist attraction, it isn’t as well known to children. This artsy neighborhood is situated on a hill with stunning views. You can enjoy the local street vendors, local parks and visit the Sacre Coeur for the perfect panoramic family picture.
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photo: madebycedric

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