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Family Friendly Mexico City, Flickr: chivacongelado

Home, to the World's Largest Piñata

Mexico City may have a rich history that is interesting to adults and students, but the entire family can enjoy the grand splendor. Children may enjoy viewing the cultural sites and dining on delicious tacos, but kids will be kids and want something just for them. The entire family can group together to enjoy these family friendly activities that will entertain even the pickiest travelers and their kids.

Six Flags Mexico City: Who doesn’t love the idea of amusement park rides in one central location? Take a chance to feel like a kid again and take the family to Six Flags Mexico City. It is the only Six Flags chained theme park operating in Latin America. One of the most unique attractions is Horstacio, the world's largest piñata. It’s fun to enjoy fun rides with a Spanish theme that will make everyone learn or practice a little Spanish on vacation.

Chapultepec Park and Zoo: Located in the larger park of the same name, Chapultepec Park and Zoo is part of a large Forest,  large and known as a great urban park like New York's Central Park. The area was once a sacred forest in the time of the indigenous civilizations, with the name meaning "Grasshopper hill". Now you can see all kind of animals at the zoo, which includes native and foreign animals. Find one of the native species, whether it is the Mexican wolf or jaguar, or say hello to the first bred pandas outside of China. On a sunny day, the park can be enjoyed with plenty of space for children to roam around or enjoy a helado, ice cream.

Papalote Museo del Niño:
If children are looking for something just for them, look no further than the Papalote Museo del Niño, or the Children's Museum. With the target audience in its name, the museum's ceiling and walls were made from art by children. Over 200 exhibits are dedicated towards five important areas of a child's development. "Soy", or I am focuses on self and the human body. Comunico (Communicate) focuses on the spoken language and communication. Pertenezco is Spanish for "I belong", which focuses on a child's placement in the world, while Comprendo (I understand), helps children understand scientific principles to the world. Lastly, Expreso is Spanish for "I express myself" which lets children focus on their creative imaginations through art.

Mexico City's Museum: What better place to visit once you fly into Mexico City than the actual city museum. The museum tells a story of Aztec past with Colonial influences. The stone at the building's base was once part of an Aztec pyramid, but the building was made in Colonial Post-Spanish style. What was once a mansion turned into a museum now displays historical objects from the city. Artifacts date as far back as 8000 BC, with maps, drawings and other items telling the historic story of Mexico City's deep past.

Oaxtepec Waterpark: The big question is: Who will enjoy a water park more, children or adults? It doesn't matter because everyone will have fun together at Oaxtepec Waterpark. Just outside of Mexico City is a place to cool down in the warmer summer months. Weekends will always be crowded with local families enjoying the slides and rides, so consider going on a weekday if you're on vacation.

Enjoy a family vacation in Mexico City today!

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photo: chivacongelado

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