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Spa week is from October 14-20th and like Restaurant Week, this is the ideal time to take advantage on everything pertinent to wellness. So, if you’ve been eyeing that hot stone massage, this is the time to book it!

$50 Treatments

Spa Week means $50 treatments during both spring and fall. Note that not all treatments in a particular spa will fall under the “Spa Week” umbrella and it’s a good idea to triple check with your salon to see if the treatments you want will qualify. To book a treatment online, go to, sign up with your email address to view all the $50 treatments, and narrow them down based on your zip code and location.

Some treatments include Swedish and hot stone massages, laser hair removal, salicylic acid masks, signature massages and more.

How to Book

All you need to do is call…simply call your spa and book your appointment of choice while spots last. Since Spa Week is next week you’ll need to hurry to get your slots in.

Spa Etiquette

Gratuities are not included in the $50 Spa Week treatment price, so remember to be generous following the facial or massage. Also, remember to arrive ahead of time, relax in the lounge and really unwind since that is the entire point.


If you’ve wanted to try some pricier treatments, now is the time do to it. You can get more than one treatment at various spas, and indulge in a facial here, a massage there. From back treatments to chocolate masks, this is the week to indulge.

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