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Qatar Airways — which despite being one of the youngest global airlines, has already gained a reputation for award-winning service and fast growth — just launched its new Qsuite business class. And it’s the most incredible in-flight experience yet…

Qatar Airways gave the press and industry insiders a first-hand look at Qsuite during this year’s Paris Air Show (which ran the third week of June) by bringing in one of their newly equipped jets for attendees to check out. Meanwhile, the first flights with Qsuite began taking off on June 24th from Doha to London. The Qsuites are being billed as a 1st class experience for the business class flyer and include a number of luxurious amenities and guaranteed comfort for the ultimate in-flight experience.

You probably have questions, so we’ve put together some answers for you.  

So What Is Qsuite?

If you’re taking a long flight on Qatar Airways and chose Qsuite, you’ll notice that this isn’t just a seat but more of a personal room. Each Qsuite has a privacy door with a “Do Not Disturb” option granting you personal space and privacy. The seats recline to either a single or full bed depending on your preference and with whom you’re flying, including pillows and blanket for a comfortable and satisfying rest.

Does QSuite Include Any Other Features?

It most certainly does! Upon boarding the aircraft be sure to stop and relax at Qatar Airways luxurious lounge in the airport you’re flying from. While aboard you’ll be welcomed to a full menu including exquisite dinner choices and desserts from French bakery Laduree, an amenity kit from Italian brands BRIC’s and Castello Monte Vibiano, a pair of White Company pajamas and slippers, and toiletries to freshen up. For entertainment, a 48mm TV is included with a touch screen controller and over 3,000 options of music and movies to choose from. Lastly, the airline installed electric window blinds as well as adjustable lighting for your personal preference.

How Do I Know if a Qsuite is Best For Me?

The clever element Qatar Airways added to Qsuite are the rotating seats that form a cube shape, also known as a “Quad.” This feature is mainly ideal for business colleagues, a family, or really any group of four traveling together.  Depending on the dimensions of different aircraft you’ll find your Qsuite to be either larger or a bit smaller BUT at any size, they’re still awesome!

Will All of Qatar Airways Aircraft Have Qsuite?

Not just yet, the first aircraft equipped with Qsuite are the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 flying the Doha to London Heathrow route. New York, London Paris, Tokyo, and Sao Paolo are the next destinations for Qsuite flights. CEO Akbar Al Baker stated that all of the Qatar Airways fleet, currently serving all 6 continents and connecting over 150 destinations daily, will be equipped with Qsuites by Summer 2018.  The company plans to complete one aircraft per month with the new seats, so hang tight!

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