If you’re Star Wars obsessed (like we are), then you know how to be patient. Hanging in there for a new mind-blowing movie isn’t easy, but enduring the lengthy wait to hear more about Disney’s new Star Wars Land is proving to be as difficult as bullseyeing a womp rat in a T-16. However, there has been a disturbance in the force, as new additional details about the Star Wars themed parks emerged in April.

Will you befriend a bounty hunter? Can you join the Resistance? Or perhaps you’ll ride a Bantha instead of a bus? Only a handful of secrets were revealed, but it was more than enough for us to jump to de-light speed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s new Star Wars Land.

When Does Star Wars Land Open?

Walt Disney Imagineering is working hard to bring the Star Wars-inspired parks to life and they are scheduled to open in 2019 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California AND the Walt Disney World Resort (as part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios) in Orlando, Florida. At 14-plus acres, the new galactic additions are promised to be the largest expansions ever for a Disney Park!

So What’s Star Wars Land All About?

First and foremost, the new Star Wars Lands are extensions of the universe and aimed at focusing the audience’s attention to new experiences. Meaning, that instead of building a land around a well-known planet like Tatooine or Hoth, where we automatically associate iconic creatures such as the Sarlacc pit or Tauntauns, the land will be built on a new, fully-realized planet. Names have yet to be released, but the world has been described as a “remote frontier outpost.” That makes it home to an assortment of traditional good guys and bad guys, but as it’s an off the grid location (we’re picturing something like Mos Eisley Spaceport), you’ll be able to interact with not so savory characters like smugglers and bounty hunters. The lands are also to be set in the time period of the current trilogy, where the Resistance and the First Order are busy battling it out across the galaxy.

What Can We Expect?

The new Star Wars lands are going to be the beginning of a much more in-depth kind of interaction where audiences will actually be a part of the world. This immersive experience is perhaps the most exciting aspect of Disney’s plans, as you’ll be able to step inside the Star Wars universe and become a character in your own right. Even better, is that you’ll have the chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon! That’s right, the Falcon is not going to be a simple “ride,” but instead, it will play a vital role in deciding your path and destiny in the Star Wars world. Whether the flight ends up being bumpy as hell or Han Solo-smooth will depend on you and the choices of the team flying the ship, and those choices will have consequences. Perhaps being captured by the First Order is one? Or, maybe at some point in the adventure you’ll need a light saber? Either way: it’s up to the pilot and flight crew, now you will know if the Kessel run is possible in just 12 Parsecs!

Guests can expect the whole experience to feel like stepping into a life-size Star Wars role-playing game, with plenty of opportunities to interact with characters and objects. Whether you decide to take a side job as a bounty hunter or pick a fight with a smuggler, Disney’s new Star Wars Land is the ultimate dream-come-true for die-hard fans!

That Sounds Awesome! But What Star Wars Stuff Can I Do in the Meantime?

For those who can’t wait until 2019, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is already packed with Star Wars attractions and entertainment. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue immerses you in the Star Wars mythology with a thrilling tour of the galaxy aboard a Starspeeder 1000. The speeder features state-of-the-art technology and simulators that will take you on a voyage to Naboo or Coruscant and come face to face with Darth Vader or a towering AT-AT. In Star Wars Launch Bay, guests can meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and an interactive BB-8. And for younglings eager to continue learning the ways of the force, there’s also the Jedi Training Academy. And there will probably be plenty more additions coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the months and years ahead.

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