Europe's airport ban on liquids could be in effect longer than expected

A plan in Europe to end strict regulation on the amount of liquids passengers are allowed to bring through airport security is now in jeopardy.


The BBC is reporting that many European airports are delaying the installation of scanning equipment that could detect liquid explosives, even though the technology is ready. Each scanner would reportedly cost between $65,000 and $80,000.


The ban was originally set to be lifted in 2013 but that was before airports began dragging their feet. Currently, the United States has no plans to lift its strict liquid regulations.   


Source: BBC

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  1. Katrina

    This and many other abuses by the TSA and the DHS are why I refuse to fly in the United States. Bush-era fearmongering still holds sway. Traveling is not a crime and travelers should not be treated like criminals — worse, even. At least criminals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The abuses of civil liberties must stop and dignity must be restored.


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