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Enjoying the Wine Culture of Frankfurt, Flickr: jarodcarruthers

Hop on the Apple Wine Express!


Who would have thought the business and financial center of Germany would also be a great place to discover wine culture? Perhaps it’s all the stress of the hectic lifestyle that allows them to enjoy a glass or two. Nonetheless, it is actually due to the geography of the land and the region surrounding Frankfurt. This prime location allows for the cultivation of delicious wine German’s are surely proud of.

Ebbelwei-Express: One of the highlights when traveling to Frankfurt is to explore the city center. What a better way to enjoy the experience than with a glass of apple wine. We’re not advocating boozing and touring, but enjoy the fine delicacy in the luxury of a tram. The Ebbelwein Express translates to the Apple Wine Express; taking you on a tour of Frankfurt’s old town center and the apple wine district. Apple wine is a local drink enjoyed by Frankfurt locals and you’ll either love or hate the sour taste.

Wine Bar: 6ixty2/Salon zur Petra: Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan and international city attracting folks who love the city life. To go with the love of the city life is the love for a good place to kick back and relax with what else but a glass of wine. The 6ixty2 is a trendy lounge bar with a good vibe. The place is so hip it even has its own private area called the Salon zur Petra that you can rent for a party or business meeting. Of course, fine wines vary from the Bodenheim and Rhinehessen region. Overall, it’s a humble little place to boast about when in Frankfurt.’

Day Trip down the Rhine Wine Tasting:
Did you know that Frankfurt’s Rhine Valley is an UNESCO world heritage site? How could it not be with its vineyards, quaint little villages and spectacular scenic views? Enjoy a spring or autumn trip along the Rhine to catch a glimpse of these lovely vistas, where you can explore the wine regions of Frankfurt. You can take a boat tour down the famous Rhine and travel to picturesque villages and vineyards where you can sample local wine.

Rheingau Wine Festival: Wine is often enjoyed for leisure, but especially for a celebration. But why not celebrate the wonder that is fine wine. The Rheingau Wine Festival is held annually since the 1970s in late summer to showcase over 600 wines and sparkling wines from the Rheingau region. You can truly sample the grape varieties and enjoy typical German cuisine. Make sure to look out for the signature guest: a Riesling, which is a favorite of the Rheingau region.

A Do-It-Yourself German Wine Road Adventure:
And you thought Germany was just about luxury cars and delicious sausages? Think again, especially if you’re a wine aficionado.  The German wine road is the oldest scenic drive taking you from Bockenheim in the southwest all the way to the French border. You can rent a car and drive through these charming paths through old towns and villages. There are often farmers markets and local festivals in the warmer months; a perfect time to enjoy the European summer. Some highlights include Bad Durkheim- a spa resort home to the world’s biggest wine barrel and the oldest vineyard in Europe still in use today: Traminer.

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photo: jarodcarruthers

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