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Enjoy Fireworks From the Eiffel Tower!


We all know Paris is the City for Romance, history and sites. What we actually wonder is: “When is the best time to visit Paris?” Some cities have its best times to visit, like going to New York City for Christmas delight in the wintertime, or visiting Cancun for spring break for a crazy experience. Paris seems to be lovely all year round, but there are some special things to do in a particular season.
Winter: Museum Hopping in Paris
If you thought a Parisian winter would be gloomy and rainy, you may be right. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most Parisians try to make the best out of the cold winter. While the peak winter event in Paris is an influx of tourists arriving for Valentine’s Day, there is still a lot of winter to enjoy. Take this opportunity to enjoy the indoors and visit one of the many museums in Paris. While most Parisians are in school or busy working, you can enjoy The Louvre and say hello to Mona Lisa or dream of spring with Monet’s water lilies at the Musee d’Orsay. Hint: Flights are also dramatically cheaper in the winter time.

Spring: People Watch at Luxembourg Gardens

Spring is in the air in Paris when the flowers bloom and the city parks and cafe’s get congested with local Parisians enjoying the great outdoors. Can you blame them? Paris is extremely beautiful in the spring time. And what better way to enjoy Paris in the spring than to be like a local? People watching is free and almost a habit of anyone relaxing at the Luxembourg Gardens. It’s a peaceful oasis in the middle of a busy city. Everyone can enjoy this place- Photographers can capture quintessential photographs of spring, families can enjoy a versatile day in the park, and everyone can people watch.
Summer: Enjoy Outdoor Events
Did you know that it can get very hot in Paris during the summer? Break out your shorts, tank tops and flip flops because it can get steamy during the summertime. Spend it outdoors enjoying the many summer events that come to Paris. First is Bastille Day; France’s biggest national holiday. Watch the big military parade on the Champs-Elysees and nighttime fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Catch one of the most impressive sporting events in the world: The Tour de France- a famous three-week bike race through Paris.
Autumn: Nuit Blanche
As the weather cools, nature’s colors change and you can find discount airfare to Paris again, autumn may just be the perfect time to visit Paris. The highlight or Paris in the autumn besides lovely photographs of changing leaves is Nuit Blanche. Translating to “White Night,” this is an all-night art festival taking place from sunset to sunrise on the first weekend in October. It’s a widespread celebration with museums, galleries, cafes and other cultural institutions open all night long. There are also unique art installations all over Paris that are worth looking out for.
Any Season: Shopping
Is there really any best time to shop? Anyone visiting Paris realizes that the city remains the center of couture and fashion. Whatever style you may be into, no matter when you’re shopping, you will most likely find something nice to bring back. Get lost in Galeries Lafaytette, a Parisian department store with anything and everything you’re looking for. It’s located in a stunning Art Nouveau building that also makes this place a tourist attraction in itself. If you’re into bargain buys, check out the Marché St Ouen flea market for quirky goods at bargain prices.

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