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Just off the coast of Barcelona are the Balaeric Islands, one in particular famous for sun, sand and sea. Couples looking for a romantic excursion in Spain, or even the Mediterranean will be stunned by the rich culture and beauty Mallorca has to offer. Take the island vibes of the Caribbean mixed with classic European charm, and you’ve got the uniqueness of Mallorca.

Enjoying a Romantic Vacation in Mallorca, Flickr: sluzzelin

Get Lost in Palma: The heart of Mallorca lies in its capital city, which is inviting with its pleasant weather-friendly locals. Is it just us, or is everyone sporting a nice, golden tan? Join locals and tourists and enjoy a city that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. Its cultural influence is seen in the fine architecture, especially at its crowned jewel- the Cathedral of Palma. This Gothic Roman Catholic church was once an Arab mosque, direct examples of the once Muslim influence many centuries ago. Take a guided tour of the historic center of Palma, since it is easy to do so on pedestrian walkways. Catch some sun at Parc de la Mer, right below the Cathedral and on the sea front where you can also catch live musical performances and good ole’ Spanish fiestas.

Train ride to Sóller: Nestled away in the north-west part of Mallorca is the charming town of Sóller. Train travel is always a relaxing way to sit back, relax and enjoy the view, especially with nice company. Take a trip back into time by riding the Ferrocarril de Sóller, a century old railway that primarily connected the capital of Palma through the rugged mountains to Sóller. The calming ride will easily put you to a quiet slumber, but the views will certainly keep you up. Have your camera fully charged for some lovely photographs of mountain top views, orange and lemon trees and typical Mallorcan houses.

Once in Sóller, enjoy the Old Medieval Town with dizzying streets which offer small boutique shops and a glimpse into the life of a true Mallorcan. Last, but not least, take the tram into the Port of Sóller to find your mouth’s dropping at the view of the old harbor, where turquoise colored waters welcome you to taste the Mediterranean.

Enjoying a Romantic Vacation in Mallorca, Flickr: Joanemarie

Find romance at Na Foradada: Wherever you are in Mallorca, there’s always a lovely view to be seen, whether it is the fascinating streets, the lovely landscapes or just a sun lit moment. One of the most romantic viewpoints, and possibly a fantastic place for a proposal is Na Foradada. Located in the uphill Sierra de Tramuntana region, it is located just above the sea, with lush trees everywhere, the majestic sea shining and the sun just kissing everything that is surrounding. You couldn’t paint a more perfect picture for a romantic moment; you just have to be there to enjoy the beauty of this spot.

Romantic Stay at Hotel Castillo Hotel Son Vida: Treat your loved one to the ultimate five star experience at the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. There’s no better place to capture romance in paradise than at this luxury hotel. What was once an estate built in the 13th century is now a beautiful palace like hotel which offers panoramic views of Mallorca right under your nose. Rooms are designed in simple European elegance with fresh crisp white linens, a large spa tub for two and a balcony to bring in the fresh breeze and morning sunsets every day. The resort itself offers fantastic amenities like delicious tapas at restaurant “Es Vi,” the oldest golf course on the island and a relaxing Health Club with numerous outdoor and indoor pools, spa services and on-site tennis courts.

Enjoying a Romantic Vacation in Mallorca, Flickr: jonb1984

Sail away from Alcúdia: In Northern Mallorca lies a town that’s notorious for life by and around the sea. Alcúdia is a 14th century town along the water which is a popular tourist attraction outside of Palma. Grab your shades and sunscreen and venture out for a sailing boat tour in the bay of Alcúdia. You can even ride on a glass-bottom boat for views under the sea. It is a stunning experience with gorgeous vistas of the beaches, the old coves and the hillside villas. The best part is, you can get a dip in the Mediterranean since the boat has a nifty little slide so you can refresh in the water.

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This trip to Mallorca was sponsored by airberlin, VisitSóller and VisitMallorca but the thoughts and opinions are those of Teresa Gotay.

Photos via Flickr users: sluzzelin,joanemarie,jonb1984

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