Emirates to reintroduce A380 jumbo-jet in NYC


Emirates Airlines announced Thursday that it plans to reintroduce the Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet between New York City and Dubai this October.


This is great news for the carrier since it comes just 15 months after the airline downsized to a smaller plane due to a decrease in sales. The decisions to upgrade shows that business-travel is improving again, which is wonderful news for the airline industry.


Emirates Airlines, which currently has eight A380s and is ordering 50 more, stopped an A380 New York to Dubai route in June 2009. The carrier replaced the service by diverting planes to Toronto and Bangkok. The addition of A380 service on one of its twice-daily New
York JFK flights is expected to be available by October 31.


In a statement released this week, Emirates said that the United States was the fastest-growing market in fiscal 2010
for the airline as far as revenue is concerned. Emirates plans to add service soon to other U.S. cities like Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Source: Wall Street Journal





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