is on track for a record breaking 2011
Emirates is enjoying robust earnings thus far in 2011

Emirates Airline is on track for a record breaking financial year, according to chief executive Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum.


Robust earnings thus far in the financial year are just part of the good news for the carrier.


Later this month, the airline will reap the benefits of a seven year investment when it receives repayment on a $500 million bond issued in 2004 on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


al-Maktoum reiterated the Dubai-based airline’s commitment to using profits for business growth. “We continue to invest our profits in growing the business and our healthy financial position enables us to successfully meet all of our financial commitments and raise financing for future aircraft deliveries,” he said.


Last year, Emirates announced a multi-billion dollar increase to its fleet which is slated to soon house up to 120 Aribus A380 superjumbos.  


Source: BTN

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