Tourists at the Temple of Hatshepsut (Image: Wikimedia)
Will the new political diologue make Egypt more appealing to tourists?


Officials from the Egypt Tourist Authority expect the Egyptian tourism industry to recover quickly from the turmoil currently engulfing the nation. 


ElSayed Khalifa, consul-director of the ETA in New York, admitted recently that there has been a “mass departure of tourists” from the country but was quick to point out that not a single tourist was hurt during the mass protests in Cairo and elsewhere.


Khalifa believes that when all is said and done, Egypt will rise out of this crisis stronger than ever.


He added that the political dialogue now taking place in Egypt will make it a more appealing destination for travelers in the near future.


Last year, Egypt’s tourism industry enjoyed $11 billion in revenue and welcomed a record 14.7 million foreigners from all over the globe. 


Source: BTN

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