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Amsterdam and Dutch cuisine seem to have a bad rep and we’re here to clean the score. Often misunderstood, Dutch cuisine is hearty meat and potatoes with a little bit more. It has influences from its European neighbors, but also from its immigrant population. You’ll need a quick history lesson to understand why Indonesian food is huge in The Netherlands, since Indonesia was a former Dutch colony. Nonetheless, our guide will get you to appreciate some great culinary finds in Amsterdam.

Indonesian Riijstaffel:
Tempo Doeloe: Now that you know that Indonesia was a former Dutch colony, you’ll understand why there are many Rijsttafels in Amsterdam. This is the Dutch word for rice table, or an elaborate meal served in small portions served with lots of rice. Although the dishes are Indonesians, the idea is colonial; the Dutch introduced the rice table to enjoy many dishes at once to impress visitors. Tempo Doeloe is located in the trendy Eastern part of Amsterdam where you can find plenty of International restaurants. Indonesian for “Old Times,” this truly is a place where you’ll cherish the old times- a good meal, good company and prepared and enjoyed with love and respect.
Restaurant Greetje: Typical Dutch cuisine is standard: Meat, potatoes and vegetables. Simple and nutritious, it can often be claimed as boring. Nonetheless, the folks at Restaurant Greetje take this idea with a fresh and modern twist. You’ll find typical Dutch cuisine in a place so nice it is actually named after the owner’s mother. The place is designed with typical Delft blue motifs, candles and fresh flowers; something you might see in a typical Dutch home.
Vijf Vlieghen: Take your Dutch cuisine experience to the top level at the elegant Vijf Vlieghen. Located in the Amsterdam canal district next to 17th century houses, it takes you back to the Golden Age. It is even recreated in the restaurant with fancy dining rooms that make you feel like Dutch royalty. The rooms are decorated with Dutch art, including original etchings by Rembrandt. And the food is lekker! (Dutch word for tasty) Sink your teeth into dishes like a smoked duck breast fritter filled with sauerkraut, stewed wild boar brisket with mashed potatoes and juniper berry sauce and fill your sweet tooth with Dutch cheese and a walnut cake.
Moeders: Could there be a connection between the Dutch and their love for food and their mothers? Moeders, or Mothers is a Dutch restaurant dedicated to the love of mom’s home cooking. The walls are plastered with photographs of mothers, which is so touching and personal for the usually private Dutch. You can imagine this place is ever so crowded on Mother’s Day, where you can enjoy High Tea served with the owner’s, grandmother’s personal teapot collection. Best of all, we couldn’t be any happier that this Dutch restaurant is ever so affordable with 3-course meals from just under 25 euros! That is something any mother would be proud of.
FEBO: Now that you know a variety of Dutch restaurants where you can savor on typical cuisine, we have to mention FEBO. Many tourists and budget travelers are familiar with this strange cuisine that is home to Amsterdam. FEBO is a Dutch chain of automatic food purchased from a machine. Founded during the World War, it made fast food seriously fast with coin operated machines. You can purchase hot French fries, burgers and Dutch frites like krokets. It’s not always the best food to eat, but great for the typical Dutch person or tourist on the go! After all, you build up an appetite with all of that biking!
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