Dublin's Wax Museum. Photo Credit: Linnet Griffith-Jones
The National Wax Museum in Dublin’s city center is a great activity for visitors of all ages.   The Museum is tucked away off of Dame Street next to Trinity College, just behind the historic Bank of Ireland (the former Parliament building).  There is a wide range of characters on display, from celebrities to historic figures and scenes.  The Museum provides more than just an opportunity to collect fun snap shots with your favorite celebrities (sort of), by taking visitors through brief but entertaining lessons on why the depicted figures are important and represented in the museum.
The music and entertainment sections show off exceptional artistry in their sculptures of musicians from all genres.  Additionally, visitors can make their own music videos using green screen technology and equipment used by famous musicians. Beyond their collection of wax statues depicting world renowned musicians, there’s a special room dedicated to Irish musicians called “The Hall of Irish Legends.”    The “Time Vault of Irish History” is devoted specifically to historic Irish figures from literature, politics, and others involved in momentous national achievements.  The basement holds the “Chamber of Horrors,” a collection of wax sculptures depicting characters from scary films and stories, and there is also a room just for kids, with vibrant paintings and less intimidating wax characters.
Though all of the National Museums in Ireland are free to the public, the Wax Museum is privately owned and therefore charges admission.  Tickets for adults are €12, with discounts for children, students, families, seniors and groups. The museum is open 10am to 7pm, seven days a week, with the last admission at 6:15 pm. 
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Photo credit: Linnet Griffith-Jones 

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