The New Technology for Dubai Airports


Not only do Dubai airport officials plan to make their airports among the largest and busiest in the world,  they plan on making the technologies there among the most up-to-date.
In that regard, don’t be surprised if you are wandering through the world’s fourth busiest airport, Dubai International, or Dubai World Central airport, which opened in 2010, and you run into 42-inch touchscreen monitors outfitted with HD graphics and video.
You’ll be able to tap the screens and access information about gates, flights, retailers, hotels and local attractions if you plan on exiting one of the three terminals at Dubai International and spending a little time in the country.
The initial deployment calls for 50 such touchscreens spread out in the airport’s three terminals.
Airport authorities reached an agreement with NCR to provide these informational services for travelers using the company’s NCR Netkey Wayfinding interactive mapping solution.
“Employing passenger-focused technology, both a check-in and beyond, will enable Dubai airports to more efficiently manage this impressive growth while creating a more personalized and memorable experience for its passengers,” says Tyler Craig, general manager of NCR Travel.
The 42-inch screens should be fairly traveler-friendly: Its ease of use likely will beat fiddling for gate or hotel information on your smartphone, for instance.
It isn’t too surprising that Dubai airports tapped NCR for the mapping solution. NCR is a leading provider of ATM technology to banks in the region.
It also wouldn’t be shocking if the touchscreen monitors point out airport ATM locations, as well.


Dubai flights is officially a tech-thrill ride.

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