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Downtown Las Vegas, “Every City Has a Soul”


Las Vegas owns one of the world’s most recognized and repeated slogans. People boarding flights to Las Vegas can hardly wait to say it before touching down.


In fact, the official “What Happens Here…” campaign was recently named to the advertising walk of fame in New York City.


However, the catchy campaign apparently doesn’t please everyone in Sin City. Residents of downtown Las Vegas have voted on a new slogan for their neighborhood, opting to adopt “Every City Has a Soul” as the catchphrase for the impending downtown renaissance.


What renaissance you ask? Downtown Vegas will soon be home to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, the Mob Museum, a new City Hall, and a revitalized First Friday art campaign. And obviously all of this cultural street cred shouldn’t be sullied by a silly ad campaign, no matter how wildly successful or popular it is.


What do you think of downtown Las Vegas’ new “Every City Has a Soul” campaign?   


Source: Las Vegas Weekly

Flickr image courtesy of CubanRefugee

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  1. JJ

    FYI: In case there is a misunderstanding, the new slogan wasn’t designed to compete with "What Happens Here…," which caters toward promoting the famous Las Vegas Strip to tourists. Factoid: the Las Vegas Strip is not located within the city of Las Vegas; it is located in Clark County. Downtown Las Vegas is located a few miles north of the Strip. The new slogan is oriented toward local residents and designed to promote the changing-for-the-better downtown area, which is evolving into a place where people can live, as well as work and play. People in that area want it to be more than just a tourist attraction such as the Strip…hence the slogan, "Every City Has A Soul."


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