Don't Break the Bank: Top 5 Ways to Save Money in Vegas. Photo Credit: dbrekke
Vegas is a cityof high rollers and big stakes. That being said, with one errant bet or one bad flop, you could find yourself a little short on cash. And, as you might imagine, being broke in Vegas takes all the fun out of it. Luckily, we’ve compiled some great tips for how you can save on your next trip, so you can take full advantage of the shows, the restaurants, the clubs, and – of course – the games.
1.  Get there on the Cheap
This one should be common sense, but scoring discount airline tickets to Las Vegas is your number one way to save money before you even land.  Check out our cheap flights to Las Vegas to get you started on your money-saving adventure.

2.  Shop
Yes, the retail stores that hug most Las Vegas casinos carry almost ungodly pricetags.  But if you are going to hit the tables without much discipline, think again.  My motto: better to leave Vegas with some smashing Jimmy Choos than to leave with an empty bank account and nothing to show for it.  Not ready to splurge?  There are plenty of outlet shops within the city limits.

3.  Wait until the last minute
When it comes to Vegas shows, with very few exceptions, they typically don’t sell out.  Last minute ticket resellers line the strip and casinos.  You can score up to 50% off from the retail price of tickets by waiting until the day of or day before your show.  Don’t be lured by non-licensed scalpers; defrauding tourists is an unfortunate pastime in Sin City.

4.  Don’t buy drinks
There are plenty of ways to score free drinks in Vegas, and not all of them require that you be female.  Ladies can snag free cocktails at numerous nightclubs (including Tao, LAX, Lavo, Pure Nightclub, and Tryst), just ask an attendant for details.  If you don’t happen to be female, or just can’t wait till the clubs open, you can still enjoy free drinks in Vegas while gambling in any casino.  From penny slots to high stakes poker, cocktail waitresses meander through the casinos with free drinks for gamblers.  Be sure to tip well; a good tip (at least $1/drink or $5 up front) will ensure better quality beverages and quicker returns.

5. Buffet hop
Do your research on the cost of restaurants (most of which have lost the budget feel from a few decades ago).  If you feel like the prices might be too high, consider staying at a hotel that offers all day or mulit-day  buffet passes for unlimited use during your trip.  Participating hotels include Caesar’s Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Rio, Excalibur, MGM Grand, and the Luxor.  Some of these hotels participate in a multi-destination pass allowing you to eat at a variety of hotels giving you both savings and variety.
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Photo credit: dbrekke

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