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From making it through airport security in a timely manner to sitting for hours on end on those round trip flights in the most cramped of fashions, what you wear when you fly can kick your trip off on the right or wrong foot depending on what falls out of your closet that day. Based on comfort, practicality and dress codes, we’ve compiled some questions and put them together in the below quiz to help you figure out what to wear (and don’t think about donning) on your next flight.

See if know what to wear when you fly!

Contemplating Your Color Palette Before Takeoff

The Best Clothing Fit for Flying

Figuring Out Your Footwear

Feeling like a flight-outfit pro? Great! Book your round trip flights right here and get ready for take off!

An Overview of the Overall Outfit

To Pajama or Not to Pajama?

You Know THAT T-Shirt You Have?

Scrutinizing Your Scent

Now that you know what to strive for (and avoid) for flawless flight fashion, why not figure out where you want to go?

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