South Africa is quickly becoming the hot travel destination to look out for in 2017. And it’s not hard to see why — they have something for everyone. Wine aficionado? There’s a glass with your name on it. Outdoors enthusiast? Strap up your hiking boots and charge your camera. Party animal? The clubs are waiting. The point is, there are a lot of reasons why South Africa is suddenly becoming a larger blip of many travelers’ radars… And we’ve made a list of the reasons everyone should be headed south soon. You’re welcome.

They Have a Wine Region That’s Literally Called “The Winelands”

It’s like an amusement park for adults.

There Are Tons of Huge National Park for You to Frolic In

Well… More like camp and hike and paraglide in. Same thing, right?

The Club Scene Will Keep You Up All Night

In the *best* way possible.

Joburg Is Smartening Itself Up for Visitors Like You

Remember how the suburbs were more popular than the city? Not anymore. *Thanks, hipster culture!*

You’ll Never See the Night Sky Looking Better

So many stars to make a wish on!

Its History Is So Recent, You Can Learn Just by Talking to Locals

Make sure to stop by the sobering Apartheid Museum, though.

You Can Swim on the Edge of Two Oceans

Atlantic, meet Indian. Now let’s go for a dip!

Cape Town Is the Laid-Back Hipster City We All Deserve

Good coffee served without that up-and-down side eye? Yes, please!

There’s a Place Where You Can See a Dolphin and a Zebra at the Same Time

Hint: it’s not in a zoo.

Live Out the Daredevil Fantasy You’ve Always Harbored

Dive with sharks, dive out of a plane, dive into a glass of craft beer — we’re not picky.

Bask in the Beautiful Thing That is South African Seafood

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear chef hats and make amazing food.

There Are 11 National Languages — and English Is One of Them

No getting lost in translation here.

Sports Are LIFE

Seriously, pick a side.

The Vibrant *Everything* Will Give You New Life

Who knew life was so ~wonderfully~ full of color?

A rainbow beach for our rainbow nation. via @trip2pic #MeetSouthAfrica

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So… When are you coming over?

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