British Airways Unite Union

BA and Unite unite under new deal


It's over, it's finally over. After a long tumultuous 18-months of going back and forth in heated dispute after heated dispute, British Airways and their cabin crew have come to an agreement.


The peace offer ends a nearly two-year long epic aviation struggle that costs BA an estimated £150 million and endless bad publicity.


Unite Union, which represents the cabin crew, announced Thursday that a whopping 72 percent of its nearly 10,000 members
responded to the ballot for a settlement. An overwhelming 92 percent were
in favor.


Members wanted travel concessions reinstated after they were taken away from them for going on strike in March 2010. A new pay deal was agreed upon and both working arrangements and routes were protected while BA brings on new crew members. 


British Airways released a statement after the agreement was made official saying that their cabin crew members' "professionalism and skill" are second to none" and that they were delighted with the "honourable settlement."


Industry experts are already saying this settlement can be seen as a victory for BA and should reduce the likelihood of any future strikes or conflicts. 


Source: The Guardian





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