A piece of Pandora will soon land in Orlando


James Cameron’s ground-breaking film Avatar grossed nearly $3 billion at the box office worldwide, wowing movie-goers with state-of-the-art visuals and gripping battle scenes.


Audiences around the globe were left transfixed by the blue-skinned Na’vi and their Eden-like planet, Pandora. Soon travelers booking flights to Orlando will be able to immerse themselves in a Pandora-like atmosphere with a massive Avatar attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Disney announced plans for a $400 million Avatar land spanning several acres at the park earlier this week. Construction is set to begin in 2013 and should finish up within three years.


By then, Cameron will have unleashed two more Avatars on the world with second and third installments of the monster franchise set to hit theaters in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


This is not the first time Disney officials have partnered to create non-Disney attractions at one of its parks. In 1995 it partnered with Lucasfilm to open an Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland.


Source: FOX News

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