Dining Diversity: The Buffet at the ARIA, IMG cred: Courtesy of The Buffet at ARIA

Take a Break From the Betting for Some Buffet!


Tucked a bit off the strip in the City Center, the ARIA Resort & Casino boasts numerous dining options. If you are looking for the most diverse and able to suit a wide variety of palates, be sure to check out their scrumptious buffet.

The ambiance of the buffet is very casual, overlooking the ARIA pool, with bright lighting and upbeat music. The casual atmosphere continues as you are able to see all the chefs in action. Throughout your culinary experience, you’ll step right up to chefs preparing the best of their fresh selections including using a Tandoor Oven, grills, and other cooking gadgets that prepare the food fresh, right in front of your eyes.

Unlike many buffets, where you enter an endless line of splash guards to fill your plate with too much of the sitting-in-a-heated-dish-same-sort-of-thing, the buffet at the ARIA offers you the chance to sample countless styles of food, all continually being prepared, all with more freshness than you would expect at most buffets. Numerous small, individual service plates, as well as some casserole style dishes are offered. When I dine at a buffet, I try to be a bit adventurous and go outside my normal level of selections. These were some of my favorites:

– fresh naan bread (you must try!)
– freshly prepared fish at the fish market, including single serving fish & chips portions (not soggy!!)
– Peking duck, carved fresh and authentic dim sum.
-made to order pasta (and gluten free pizza!)
-an amazing array of Mediterranean food.
-a sprawling taco bar and variety of Spanish cuisine.

If you are visiting Vegas in a group of four or more, be sure to ask the chef to prepare you a family style entree (they can do this fresh for up to 14 people!). If you aren’t really adventurous, you can certainly gravitate to the American Diner section boasting traditional favorites like Macaroni & Cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and salads. I loved that my lettuce salad was tossed for me by a sous chef- so much easier to eat!

Be sure to save room for dessert. A sprawling display of pastries, tarts, cookies, pies, candy, cake pops, and even a wide selection of gelato await. The gelato, like the rest of the buffet, was completely fabulous.

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photo: Courtesy of The Buffet at ARIA 

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