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Bring Some Dried Fruit!


Unless you happen to be dining at New York’s JetBlue Terminal (think Deep Blue Sushi) or say, Los Angeles, chances are you’re traveling with little sense of fine dining comfort. Let’s put it this way: airport food makes brown bag lunches seem appetizing!

But if you’re really a foodie, here are a few travel tips that may make your journey a wee bit more palatable.

If You Like a Particular Terminal, Fly That Airline: JetBlue, for instance, has its own terminal at JFK in New York City, and the foodie options there are a bit more elegant than those found at other NYC airports. If you find a Terminal that you are partial to, become a frequent customer.

Bring Your Own Snacks: Sealed packets of dried fruit or snack bars are never a bad idea, especially if you have dietary restrictions. You can buy them in bulk at a Whole Foods and save on the airport prices if you remember to pack ahead.

Eat Light: Flying is seldom an easy experience for the average customer, and you can fly that much easier if you’ve eaten a light, healthy meal. Sugars and greasy foods can leave you sluggish and prone to jitteriness. Healthy snacks and fruit are a great option for the frequent flyer.

Don’t Experiment: Experimenting with new foods is not advisable when you travel, simply because you never know what your reaction may be. Finding out how you react to sashimi 30,000 feet above the air is not a good idea! That said, err on the side of comfort and familiarity.

Don’t Forget to Reserve That Special Meal: If you need that certain dietary restriction addressed (kosher, vegetarian, vegan etc.) don’t forget to reserve at least 48 hours in advance, or else you may not receive it on time. Reserving a special meal ensures that not only do you get your appropriate meal, you’re likely to get it first on the plane—ahead of everyone else.
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