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If December’s festive excesses have you feeling like you need a chilled-out, health-conscious, and contemplative break before truly diving into the new year, have a look at these lovely and laidback locations in the US. Across the globe, these destinations are where daily digital doings are a no-no, yoga is a big “yes”, and delicious vegan dishes are in splendidly abundant supply. The next time you’re ready for a little R&R, come check them out!

Vegan Vacations

The world’s most vegan-friendly cities represent some of the friendliest, most open-minded, spiritually grounded, and energetic places for finding something delicious and nutritious to eat. Europe’s capital of ethical and clean eating is Berlin, Germany. With literally hundreds of vegan and vegetarian-friendly eateries and shops – including a local Veganz chain of groceries and even a completely vegan street, it’s no secret that Germany has become a haven for vegans and vegetarians

Another great city for vegans to visit is Los Angeles, where flavorsome feel-good food is never out of favor. For meat-free feasts in the Middle East, find cheap flights to Tel Aviv. The Israeli city is famous for having the highest percentage of vegans in the world. For a sensationally spicy vegan vacation, consider Chennai in southern India, where traditional vegetarian cuisine has been in the making for centuries.

Digital Detox

Suffering from sore thumbs, blurry eyes, and a feverish case of FOMO? Turn off your phone and leave it off with a digital detox getaway. Ideal areas for no-reception regeneration include embarking on a backcountry break in Colorado, holing up in a Hawaiian hideaway on the island of Molokai, hopping over to Greece for an island idyll, and searching inwards to find Nirvana while in Nepal. Wherever you do your digital detox, the key is to experience the world in real time and appreciate what’s actually around you and not on a screen in front of you.

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Yoga Retreats

Stretch and strengthen your mind and body with a yoga-centric trip to somewhere serene. Balmy and beautiful Bali, Indonesia is a smart choice as is Chiang Mai, Thailand. And of course, there are numerous retreats for all styles, budgets, and levels of skill across incredible India where yoga originated thousands of years ago. Closer to home, California is a haven for yogic practice. South of the border, the Mexican resort of Tulum offers some of North America’s most acclaimed and best-valued yoga retreats.

More Ways to Get Back to Basics

Are our detox recommendations on the right track but not quite your tack? Why not … go golfing in Arizona, fly-fishing in Montana, or go cycling through Tuscany? Do some research into any number of other escapes from the daily grind that allow you to reconnect with yourself and reinvigorate for a new year in a most meaningful way.

Where do you go to detox? We would love to hear about where you’re planning to travel for mindful relaxation and healthy recreation.

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