Cancun, Mexico (Photo: Fareportal Image Gallery)
Cancun remained a popular tourist destination in 2011


According to a report from The Mexican Ministry of Tourism, 2011 marked a record year for tourism in Mexico. Despite lingering safety concerns, Mexico welcomed 22.67 million international visitors last year.


Domestic visits were also up with 167 million Mexican nationals visiting popular tourist areas. The total tourist count edged out 2008 for the most ever, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Though there was a slight dip in the number of American visits, Mexico remained the top international destination for American travelers. The nation also saw a spike in visits from Brazil, Russia, China, Colombia, and Italy.


Mexico hopes to continue the trend in 2012, despite new travel warnings urging Americans to proceed with caution. Officials are hoping an abundance cheap flights and hotel rooms will keep wary travelers coming.


Mexico could potentially see a boost from excitement surrounding the Mayan calendar, which famously ends in December 2012.


Photo: Fareportal Image Gallery


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