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What kind of city is Denver? Is it a place for adventurous, outdoors type? Is it a family friendly place to visit? Luckily, the answer to these questions are "Yes!" Denver is a multifaceted place where many travelers can enjoy an array of activities. All you need is a cheap ticket to get here and the rest is history. Truth is, even if you come here solo, you won't get lost in a big city but will instead find solitude and quality time with your favorite person in the world, yourself!
16th Street Mall
Alright, we know that malls are an easy place to travel solo, whether you’re window shopping or actually looking to take something home. But, locals just love the 16th Street Mall and you should go find out why. This pedestrian friendly zone stretches just over a mile for all sorts of shopaholics. This became the epicenter of the LoDo or Lower Downtown Denver district. It is where the town is buzzing with people shopping and enjoying drinks and a bite to eat. If all else fails, there is some great people watching and solo exploring to do here. There is even a free shuttle with Wi-Fi so you can ride along the strip and tweet us about it!

Denver Bikes
The best way to explore a city is usually by foot. If you want to explore it like a Denverite and burn calories while doing so, you'll need a bike. Put the pedal to the medal and go beyond the typical touristy spots. You can travel all around town from City Park to Union Station and everything in between. The best part of the B-cycle program is that you can purchase a day pass or a week pass. You choose your bike from any station and can easily return it to another station of your choosing.

Coors Brewery Tour
When in Denver, you must “Taste the Rockies!” (As long as you are of age that is.) This is the typical and catchy slogan of Coors beer, which hails from good ole’ Denver. Embark on a Coors Brewery Tour to learn how one of America’s most well-known beer’s still uses Rocky Mountain Spring water. That is how and why you’ll truly taste the Rockies, quite literally since you’ll get a sample at the end of the tour.
U.S. Mint
Exploring museums is probably one of the best solo activities to do in any city. Especially if it is one that is very interactive. Do us a favor and find a U.S. coin and take a close look at it. If you’ve ever wondered what the little D on the coin meant, you would guess correctly if you said it stood for Denver. This is because the U.S. Mint is located in the heart of Denver. You cannot help but want to take a free tour to learn all about these little coins and how they became a part of Denver’s history.
Brown Palace Hotel
You deserve the best, don’t you? After all of the hard work you do and you finally take the time to go on a nice vacation for yourself, why not stay in the best place in town? History meets elegance at the Brown Palace Hotel. You'll spend a pretty penny to stay at this historical hotel. It was built in the late 19th century and is the 2nd oldest operating hotel in the city. Guests like The Beatles have graced their presence here. It is a gorgeous hotel that includes a free tour about its impressive history and is centrally located to many tourist attractions. If you can't stay at this grand hotel, you can always embark on the tour and visit the $3 happy hour. (The cost of a night's stay at the hotel when it first opened.)
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Photo credit: LJMoo 

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