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Are you in a New York state of mind…in San Francisco? Well become one with the Big Apple with today’s Deal of the Day.

Today you can get cheap flights from San Francisco to New York City. For a round-trip flight, fares are starting out at $448, that includes taxes and fees!

Don’t wait, new deals come every day (they are in the box, on the left sidebar, right under the email sign-up box), take advantage of this one and start planning on some things to do in the Big Apple.

Blogger, Teresa Gotay knows how you can feel like a New Yorker…

Tourists visit New York City for glitz, glamour and a city that never sleeps. Often times people ask what it is like to find or even try to act like a typical New Yorker. Since they living in a city that runs 24/7 and just seems to have it all, travelers wonder what it is like to live a day as a New Yorker. (And hopefully survive doing so without having to flip someone off, in true New York style.)

If you’re traveling with a loved one, she also knows of some romantic spots cinema has made famous that you should visit…

Big cities often portrayed in cinematic films make a tourist even more enthusiastic to book cheap flights to that place. Countless stories take place in New York City; the backdrop so many directors use a setting to their movie. Who wouldn’t fall in love with scenes of lush Central Park or a kiss under a romantic skyline sunset? These romantic New York City movie moments make us want to rewind our DVD-players again and again, if not book the next flight for our own search of an epic movie moment.


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