‘Tis holiday season again, and that can only mean one thing: Christmas trees everywhere! That’s right, cities all over the world cities have already started welcoming the holidays with their own towering pines in an ode to the winter celebration. Oftentimes, you find examples so gorgeous that could almost be reason enough to fly there and see them in person. Want to know more about them? Then take a peek at these extravagant and beautiful Christmas trees from around the globe!

Rockefeller Center, New York

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting is a much-loved tradition in New York City, featuring live music in an amazing show that ends with its over 2 million lights shining radiantly through crystal-clear glass snowflakes that dangle delicately from the tree branches. Crowds are a given, but it’s something you have to see in person. Definitely lit!

Trafalgar Square, London

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is both a national treasure and an international reminder of cooperation for the British people. Why? Because this beautiful fir tree is a gift from the Norwegian government, following a noble tradition started in 1947 in recognition of Britain’s support during World War II.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

The Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris has been doing a yearly Christmas tree display for many years. And every time, they manage to come up with something different and more spectacular than before. Every hour on the hour, visitors are treated to an amazing light show.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s floating Christmas tree is a world-famous icon and a traditional sight to many families during their holiday season since 1982. The 70-meter tall tree displays 1 million LED lights, making the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon truly shine!

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Being a traditionally Catholic country, it’s no wonder that Christmas is a big deal in Spain. A good example of that is the tree lighting celebration at the world-famous Puerta del Sol, in Madrid. A recognizable symbol to both locals and tourists alike that fills with light the capital’s nights every winter.

Red Square, Moscow

One of the most memorable things about Christmas in Moscow is how different it seems from anywhere else. Russia is different, and that’s something visitors can appreciate while admiring the huge Christmas tree installed every year at the Red Square.

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

The annual tree lighting ceremony on Capitol Hill has been a tradition since the mid-1960s. These lights are always bright and festive, with many different colors flashing all at once to celebrate Christmas in style.

Old Town Square, Prague

The historic grounds where the Prague Christmas Tree is placed are one of the best places to celebrate Christmastime in Europe. Surrounded by all kinds of stalls selling arts and crafts, it’s hard not to fall in love with everything you see!

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Cathedral Square, Vilnius (Lithuania)

The Vilnius Christmas trees are famous for their original themes, unique decorations, and magical atmosphere. For many years now, the Lithuanian capital’s tree has been recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Zócalo, Mexico City

The whole world knows that Christmas has arrived in Mexico City when the annual lighting of a giant Christmas tree takes place at the main square known as Zócalo. Always a spectacular affair, it’s something nobody visiting the city during the holidays should miss!

The Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

The stunning decorations on the Queen Victoria Building’s new Christmas tree are wonderful. The Wollemi Pine celebrates Australia’s history during these holidays while giving visitors looking to snag cheap flights for Christmas to Sydney a truly amazing experience!

Which towering tree do you want to see the most? Let us know in our comments section below!

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