Daym Takes Takeout From YouTube to The Travel Channel, Flickr: miguelvaca

 Riding the Golden Arches to the Top!


He’s traveling from YouTube to the Travel Channel!
I am talking about Daymon “Daym” Patterson, at 6’ 5 and nearly 400 pounds,  according to the Times Herald Report, will be discussing takeout food from cities such as Chicago, New Orleans and other ‘iconic cities.’
His YouTube show has garnered over 12 million views can be found at the channel called the Ghetto News Network.  He’s his own reporter and discusses the affordable food, the type we can grab any day.  He’s tried and reviewed McDonald’s dishes, Dunkin’ Donuts noshes and Taco Bell tidbits among many other brands
He’s known for his style of reviewing and doing it all from behind the wheel of a car.
According to the report, his world seemed to change when his lunch break at Walmart expanded from 30 minutes to an hour.
The Travel Channel commented on the upcoming new show:
“Daym continues to give fans his distinctive reviews and off-the-wall commentary while traveling the country in search of the best carryout in each town he visits. From big-city eats to small-town shops, his blend of comically poetic descriptions will have viewers craving delicious takeout all over America.”
The show, aptly titled “Best Daym Takeout,” is set to begin on July 31 with back-to-back episodes beginning at 10 p.m.
Photo: miguelvaca

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