Machu Picchu ruins visible through the clouds


Thursday marks the 100th anniversary of the re-discovery of Machu Picchu, an isolated ancient Incan city located in the mountains of Peru.


At its centennial celebration, Machu Picchu is seemingly more popular than ever, welcoming an average of 1,800 visitors per day. However, some are raising concerns over the toll that so much tourism is taking on the ancient city, especially since a proposed highway to the site was approved by the Peruvian government last year.


UNESCO, which added the Incan city to its World Heritage list in 1983, is threatening to put Machu Picchu on its endangered sites list if the roadway plans are not canceled. Officials in Peru argue that the road is needed to break up the monopoly held at the site by PeruRail, the train operator owned by Chilean and British companies that currently serves as the only access to the ruins.  


For the time being, the two sides remain at odds as the preservation of an ancient site hangs in the balance.


Source: MSNBC

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