Obama seeks to loosen U.S. embargo


Cuba is providing a series of small but particular steps the Obama administration can take to soften the United States’ 48-year-old trade embargo, including increasing flights and establishing ferry service between both countries and removing bank bans that prevent U.S. credit cards from working on the island.


The new 19 suggestions are in addition to the communist government’s annual report criticizing Washington’s trade sanctions. Cuba puts together the report every year ahead of an annual United Nations vote in which the world overwhelmingly condemns the embargo.


The report notes that the President cannot get rid of the full embargo without approval from Congress, but uses pages 4-7 to note steps his administration can take unilaterally.


Source: Associated Press

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  1. Juemadre

    Why loosen the embargo now? Why cooperate with a repressive dictatorship. After 40+ years the embargo finally has the Castro brother crying "uncle". Hopefully we are seeing some good results from the embargo and the beginning of the end of another communist dictatorship!


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