Continental Airlines plane parked at airport as bags are placed in it


Continental matches Delta with a new baggage fee charge of their own


We expected other airlines to eventually match Delta Airline's new baggage fees. But a few hours later? Really Continental?


After the news broke Tuesday that Delta would start charging $25 for your first checked bag, Continental matched it with a $25 surcharge of their own. Both airlines offer online checking at a laughable discounted rate of a few bucks. 


While Delta's new baggage rules are in effect already, Continental's will start Sunday on tickets purchased on or after January 9. The new fees apply to flights within and between the U.S., the U.S.
Virgin Islands, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Excluded are premium-class
fliers, frequent fliers and active U.S. military members.


Both Delta and Continental have been sort of trend setters when it comes to implementing fees for passengers, so expect other airlines to follow the leaders in the coming weeks…or hours. 


We know you hate baggage fees, but with the airlines never ending raising price gouging, will it deter you from flying the penny pinching skies? Share your thoughts about the never ending ways the airlines are looking to shake you down as you attempt to travel with them.


Source: Associated Press

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