Continental may merge with United


In what is starting to look like a love triangle in the sky, Continental Airlines announced that it is in merger talks with United Airlines. It was just last week that reports surfaced of a possible United-US Airways partnership.


Bloomberg is reporting that the initial conversations between both sides have been kept confidential and that Continental became interested after hearing of the possible merger of United and US Airways.


If United and Continental were to merge, it would create the world’s largest airline, knocking Delta from that top spot. Both airlines discussed combining companies two years ago, but Continental decided during those talks to stay independent.


Source: Bloomberg

Image: Wikimedia

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  1. nathan

    Interesting thoughts, and possibilities. We all know that US Airways will be picked apart like Eastern was or Pan Am. The merger of United and Continental will only force American to do something with what remains in the industry. You can bet all your money Delta will merge with Alaska in that case, and buy US Airways international routes. In the end you will have three huge airlines like everyones been talking about for 30 years….It is too much and wont benefit their employees or us the consumer. Let the airlines stand alone, fight it out and let US Airways die. Then things will be better. A merger never solves anything. Was it not Darwin that said in evolution only the strong survive?

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