Kevin Byrne, a 33-year-old digital marketing analyst from Chicago, has been announced as the winner of the Museum of Science and Industry’s second “Month at the Museum” contest. Kevin’s grand prize? He will live inside the museum around the clock for the 30 days. He’ll also receive $10,000 for his efforts.


During the long 30 days and nights, the museum will set Kevin up with a blog and other social media tools to help track his progress as he lives, eats, and, breathes science.


The museum says it received about 1,000 entries for the contest, which is now in its second year. Last year’s winner, Kate McGroarty, cited sleeping in a World War II Submarine and eating breakfast with Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell as two of the highlights of her 30-day stay.


You can take a look at Kevin’s winning video entry below:



Source: Huffington Post

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