Will travel to Cuba become a reality again for U.S. citizens?


Will the travel ban that has been in effect for 50 years between the United States and Cuba finally become a thing of the past? If some in the Obama administration have it their way that just maybe the case.


Last April, President Obama eased restrictions and let Cuban Americans with family in Cuba to travel without time constraints. Last Wednesday the House Agricultural Committee voted 25-20 to lift the ban.


The senate will not be able to fully end the restrictions of allowing U.S. citizens to visit Cuba and vice versa until HR 4645 (aka the Travel Reform and Export Enhancement Act) is passed through the Foreign Affairs and Financial Services Committees.


In a very rare situation in Washington DC, both Democrats and Republicans are for the lifting of the ban, which should help move the new bill along smoothly. About 60 senators have already expressed their interested in signing the bill which would lift the ban, which would be more than enough to avoid a filibuster.


Once passed, this would not only open up a whole new travel destination for Americans, but would be great news for businesses looking to set up shop in Cuba (i.e. hotels, restaurants etc). In addition U.S. farmers would also be allowed to start selling their produce to Cuba and possibly expand trade.


But not everybody is for the bill. Many Canadians feel that once U.S. citizens are allowed to visit Cuba that their private beach destination will become busier and more expensive. Also some feel that with the U.S. pumping so much tourism money into Cuba, it will provide the Castro brothers with a lot of extra revenue to help keep their country under communist regime.


If the travel ban is lifted, will you travel to Cuba? Why or why not? Leave a comment below.



Source:Washington Post

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  1. Lonnie

    Been waiting for years to be able to travel to Cuba, It can not happen tooo soon.


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