Comedian Sets Record for Airport Visits in a Month, Flickr: Lindsey Turner

Journey to End at Raleigh Durham Airport


It took up to five flights a day to get it done but that’s what comedian Owen Benjamin did.

Benjamin set the world record for the most airports visited in a month.

The MSNBC report lists the previous unofficial record at 30, but Benjamin ended up at 63. His last one will be today, he’s a got a New York flight to North Carolina.

He’s documented his journey via social media and a website, Funny on the Fly.

MSNBC interviewed him about the quest to break the world record and asked him after seeing so many airports, “how did you tell them apart?”

Benjamin responded with “a lot of them are pretty similar. Some have local flavor to them. Boston has rocking chairs and Baltimore has a lot of places to eat crabs. But other than that they’re all very, very similar: a lot of moving walkways.”


Photo: Lindsey Turner

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