London is a ridiculously popular city for travelers to visit. Whether you’re an international business person flying in for a meeting, a tourist visiting for sites like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, or you’re simply passing through on a layover, everyone loves London.


It’s not the most popular city in the world. (Gasp!) It’s actually runner up. We were shocked too!

Which city is the most popular in all the world?

Drum roll, please.

It’s Hong Kong! We totally didn’t see that coming.

coloursinmylife / Shutterstock

coloursinmylife / Shutterstock

Other top cities include Bangkok (been there), Singapore (on the list), and Paris (lived there!).

Ready to plan a trip to Hong Kong, now that you know it’s apparently where all the cool kids are going? Make sure you read up on its complex—but awesome—public transportation system! You’ll be getting around like a local in no time.

Were you surprised about Hong Kong’s title as the world’s most visited city? Which of the top five would you most like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T to The Telegraph]

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  1. meshack

    nice to learn from you i even didn’t know about London or Hongkong
    thank you


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