China protestor and citizen sits in Japan's Narita Airport

 After nearly 90 days, it is time to go home for one China activist


A Chinese man that spent three months protesting at Tokyo’s
Narita International
Airport is finally going home.


After being refused entry from Japan
into his homeland of China,
Feng Zhenghu decided that the only plausible thing to do was to camp out at the
Japanese airport.


The 55-year old gentleman, who has been nicknamed the “Terminal
Activist,” has spent nearly 90 days at the airport, said he decided to go home
after meeting with officials from China.


So why exactly was China
so angry at Mr. Zhenghu? Apparently he had ticked off the Chinese government by
supporting student protests and writing about supposed unlawful activities carried
out by local authorities.


Zhenghu has been described by Amnesty International as a prominent
human rights activist who spent three years in prison.


While Zhenghu was allowed to leave the airport since he was
in possession of a valid Chinese passport and a visa to enter Japan,
he opted to stay put in the airport and refused to pass immigration control.


Chinese officials finally came to visit the protestor and
after talks with a few officials, Zhenghu has decided to pack up and depart on
a flight for Shanghai in time for
the Chinese New Year celebrations.


The activist was denied entry into China
eight times since June and his latest peaceful protest at Narita included the
gentleman discussing his actions via his laptop and Twitter


Zhenghu has vowed Tuesday to continue his activism upon his return to China.


Source: Associated Press

Flickr: fzhenghu

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