Pritzker Park will unveil a giant “EYE” in July


Chicago’s Pritzker Park on State Street brings in people everyday with its beautifully artistic atmosphere and architecture, green grass, and excellent location.  Come July 7, a hugely, interesting piece of art work will be unveiled in the park by contemporary artist Tony Tasset.


The artist will finally expose to the public and to Pritzker Park, a lifelike three-story eyeball sculpture. The 30-foot eyeball will remain in the park through October and will be presented under the title “EYE”.


The Windy City is already an awesome place, packed with public art, jazz, incredible architecture, delicious food, and wonderfully eclectic culture. Will this giant eye-ball in Pritzker Park bring in even more tourists?


The “EYE” has a blue iris, as does Tasset.  It is constructed of reinforced fiberglass and while the artist wouldn’t reveal the exact cost of materials, it was pretty expensive to create, think six figures.


If you happen to check out the giant “EYE” next month, tell us about it! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the sculpture, whether or not the piece was eye-opening, if it changed your outlook on Chicago, or if staring the piece straight in the “EYE”, gave you a different perspective on life.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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